From semi to b-double, then to road train, no matter what truck configuration, it is important to choose the right tyre for the specific position.

To make it easier, we put together a premium truck tyre combo that covers all three positions for highway driving.

Steer – LM217

Steer tyres are the most important tyres on your truck, designed to perform their best in the front (steer) axle position. They influence handling and ride, offering ribbed tread designs to help channel water away from the tire. All position tyres are also used on the steer axle, but steer tires are often superior in handling.

Drive – LM302

Meet your truck’s workhorses and traction gurus, designed exclusively for drive (or torque) axles. Lug-type or siped tread designs help drive tires maximize traction levels on various surfaces.



Trailer – LM218

Trailer tyres must withstand strong lateral and braking forces and varying loads. They are designed to perform best in free-rolling, trailer axle positions. Reinforced sidewalls help protect casing from curbing damage.